Show #294

So, we had an election on Tuesday.

Did you vote?  Most of us didn’t.

We were supposed to air this week’s DAMage Report, but Nic’s rant ran us over.  Sorry, Johnny!!!

And Jody was on Stephanie Miller’s Happy Hour podcast too!

And much more!


2 Responses to Show #294

  1. Just a note for Nic, RE: his rant on religion. I’m no “church lady” however, I am a bit of a history geek, so I can’t let this go without adding my two cents.

    The leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement were deeply religious folks. It was the African American church (specifically the WOMEN of the black congregations in the South) that was the driving force behind the Movement. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used religious language (freedom from the bondage of an oppressor, etc) to motivate folks. But, it was the women who did the real grassroots organizing.

    Bus boycotts in Montgomery were organized by women who used their churches as headquarters. “Ladies Circles” used their experience in organizing using old fashioned “phone trees” (calling friends who call other friends etc, etc) to communicate to the larger community. Freedom Rides began with dedicated laypeople, black and white college students and members of the clergy – who, risked their lives, by the way – to travel by bus, crossing state lines to prove that the deep South was still refusing to abide by the Supreme Court’s decision outlawing segregation.

    So, before you dismiss ALL religion, just consider how important the African American congregations were to the Civil Rights Movement in the South. But, that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

  2. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that iits up to other viewers that they wil assist, so here it happens.