Show #296

RIP Mike Nichols.

Erin Biglow is with us!  And Bill Cosby is having a bad week.  Charlie Manson is getting married.  Never thought we’d type those to sentences in the same paragraph.

The Senate voted down the Keystone Pipeline by one vote.  Good for those Senate Dems.

The President is about to move on immigration, since the House – in particular – won’t do anything.  So, the right wing is screaming!!!  Since, only Reagan and Bush 41, apparently, are allowed to do the same exact thing.  Sheesh.  And ONLY NBC aired his speech live during prime time tonight.  Good for NBC.

A new DAMage Report too!

And much more!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s show.  Nic returns next week.

Talk at you later!!!


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  1. Avatar The Chick in the Middle
    The Chick in the Middle says:

    You know, with Nic having gone on rants the past two weeks, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he’s gone this week XD