Show #300

It’s our 300th show!!! We have special guests Erin Biglow and Sean “Legs” Barton in the Bunker along with our cast of regulars, Rick Beatty, Nic Sadler and Jody Hamilton!!

300 shows, wow!  Whoda Thunk it?  Jody lost ALL CONTROL over the potty mouths in the room, so no bleeps this week.

So, we’ll be discussing the Sony e mails.  The threats on theaters showing “The Interview”.

Dick Cheney and torture.

John Crawford, the man killed in the Walmart, his girlfriend was grilled by the police.

A 76 year old man gets tasered for expired tags!

And much more!!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later.


One Response to Show #300

  1. I guess that’ll teach me to not come prepared & get rolled by a savant-like person with a knowledge of film

    A Franco and/or a Rogen movie is no where to be seen…

    Neighbors is #18
    150 gross, 210 spent, but somehow that’s considered a success..
    and IMDB supports this,2014&sort=boxoffice_gross_us,desc