Show #303

Happy New Year everyone. Rick is still out of town, Nic is out of town, he Skyped in part way through the show, and Legs is in the Bunker with Jody today!

Condolences to those in France after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

On its first day back, Congress introduces legislation to ban abortions nationally.  Good going GOP!

And since we are on the subject of family values, a woman is suing her former employer because she was fired during her maternity leave.

Governor Brownback’s Kansas and what he’s done to it with his tax cuts may … “may” be scaring some in the GOP off of tax cuts…hmmmm..

Conservatives are finally honest about the Indiana”religious liberty” bill.

And well, would we have a show without talking about the guy with 2 penises???

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment!
Talk at you next week!!!