Show #312

It is our 6th Anniversary!!!  Legs is in the Bunker.

So, 47 GOP Senators decided to send Iran a letter about the deal that the US, Russia, Germany, France , China and England are trying to hammer out.

Hillary’s  emails and the rules.

SAE and University of Oklahoma.  Nic and Legs had an interesting conversation about racism in the US.

And much more!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later.

For those of you that get our show on Aircheck, they are getting a new host.  So, we’re not on their site until it’s back up and running.


One Response to Show #312

  1. Avatar Julie Jones
    Julie Jones says:

    Interesting show – First off, Nick Sadler, there are no pictures of Sean at my house. My love for him is pure and respectful 😛
    The whole thing about the fraternity is honestly not surprising to me because even though we’ve come a long way, we have also because much better at performing racists acts in more subtle ways. So when something as blatant as what happened with that fraternity comes out, we’re all taken aback… But we probably shouldn’t be. Also, Nick vs. Sean… loved it!
    Hugs to you all.

    Julie Jones