Show #332

Rick SKYPED in.
It was a jingle happy show.  Nic showed off his jingle writing/singing capabilities.  Enjoy!

We talked about health care, Trump, Linda Tripp, Sanders, the GOP Clown Bus, Planned Parenthood, one university cop getting charged with murder and one not getting charged with assault,  and finally Cecil and the Dentist.  And we discussed recording conversations.  Found a link to the laws:  .  In CA and many other states, all parties must consent.

And with more theme songs than you can imagine!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!


2 Responses to Show #332

  1. Avatar Simon Ross
    Simon Ross says:

    quite amusing, love the the kookaburra girl.

  2. Avatar Tom Gannon
    Tom Gannon says:

    Great show guys! Just had to remark on the use of fax lines for health insurance/doctor matters. A fax line is very secure when transmitting personal/financial information, as opposed to emails which can be easily hacked. I learned this when dealing with the IRS and they will only fax information back and forth. I too was like “FLING FLARN DERN IRS!!! WHAT CENTURY DO THEY THINK WE LIVE IN???” Then a friend gently explained about faxes being secure and I was all like “oh, thanks.”