Show #341

Legs was in the Bunker with Jody while Nic Skyped in.

How about Speaker Boehner resigning.

Planned Parenthood’s CEO testifies to Congress’ bogus hearing.

Trump has a tax plan that will help him a whole bunch, but the rest of us…notsomuch.

Fiorina and torture.

SCOTUS cases to look out for.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!!!


One Response to Show #341

  1. So glad to hear Ham and Legs together again…oh that made my day. It’s been a hard few days, really weeks for me. On Wednesday, I had a spinal tap to determine if I have Multiple Sclerosis. Hopefully, I won’t need more tests after this. I will get my results on October 12th and then we’ll go from there.

    Anyway, I love the when you guys are together. I learn things and I am entertained. Keep it up. {{HUGS}}