Show #348

Nic SKYPED in from Poland.  Legs joined Jody in The Bunker.  Nic ranted at the end of the show so, Jody slowly turned his SKYPE microphone down.  He should be back in the Bunker next week.  Rick, come back soon!  We miss you!!!

Thoughts and support to those all over the world being terrorized.

Many GOP Governors want to refuse Syrian refugees in their states.  Reminiscent of a WWII poll about European refugees from 1938.

Anonymous shut down over 5000 websites associated with ISIS.

Ted Cruz thinks no Christians have ever committed terrorism.





3 Responses to Show #348

  1. Avatar Ford A. Thaxton
    Ford A. Thaxton says:

    I love the show, but this week was like an un-ending monologue by Nick, not a discussion and Jody for the most part this week just let him rant,rant,rant on..

    It’s not that I disagree with some of his points, but it just he just went on for FAR TOO LONG!.

    it was a little too much of insane angry Nick this week.

    Just my opinion.

  2. This was horrendous. Get Nick off. He takes such a large percentage of the show ranting. It’s especially annoying because his views aren’t exactly controversial; hates religion, banks, corporations, oil companies, insurance companies, politicians, mining companies, fossil fuel etc. Let me guess, he likes puppies and cake. Very controversial.

    Furthermore if you are going to rant, then rant. But make a point, and make it a new point don’t repeat the anti-religion/generic contrarian stump speech.

  3. Given that Nick said he had not heard much about the Paris attacks, you think he would sit back and let the other people who know more actually talk, instead of hijacking the conversation as usual.