Show #352

Legs is under the weather, so it’s just Nic and Jody in the Bunker today and Rick SKYPED in.  We are trying to lure Legs back in to being a regular.   Muahahahahahha!

Well, the jury in the Freddie Gray case was deadlocked, so the trial ended in a mistrial.

The GOP had a “debate” and fear and apparently classified disclosures were included.

LAUSD closed all of its schools on Tuesday due to a bomb threat.  Cautious or stupid?

A town in North Carolina doesn’t want a solar farm since it would “absorb all the sun”.

A white supremacist blows off his leg building a bomb, but don’t worry, he’s not a terrorist.

A woman in Tennessee attempted to abort her fetus at home, was rushed to the hospital after bleeding and subsequently charged with attempted murder. … In 2015.

And much more!
Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  1. Hm, the article I read ( said she was “six months” into her pregnancy, which gave me the impression that it was closer to 24 weeks than 20 weeks. And abortions that late aren’t allowed in a lot of states.