Show #371

Nic is back!!!  Full Bunker this week.  Jody screwed up again, duh.  But, hopefully, you shall still enjoy it.

We had begun the show and, as usual, Jody had not hit record…but it was ok, since Rick was a little late to the show.

RIP Prince.  Nic had some good stories about working with Prince.

Then there was talk of politics, we know, you are shocked.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week.



2 Responses to Show #371

  1. Avatar Ford A. Thaxton
    Ford A. Thaxton says:

    OK, Make fun of me if you wish, but Nic fillabusting is getting to be a bit much for me, not so much that I’ll stop listening but sometimes the level of arrogance is just annoying and the fact that it SEEMS that the rest of you just let him go and won’t challenge him on some things that are just incorrect.

    That being said, I do overall enjoy the show and wish you ALL (Nic included) the very best.

  2. Dude srsly? You’d get destroyed in the ring. Experience do8&;s#e217nt help you against guys 100x faster and have way more endurance than your old ass and before haters say Internet thug, I fight too