Show #376

Nic and Schockett for the Win joined Jody in the Bunker.

Trump and the media.

Movie Talk with Nic and David.

A “Child Protector” was busted for holding a 13 yr old captive.

The NY AG will pursue a fraud lawsuit against Trump “University”.

Arpaio is looking at criminal charges.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week.


2 Responses to Show #376

  1. Avatar Ford A. Thaxton
    Ford A. Thaxton says:


    I enjoyed the show this week, however there is one thing that really is starting to irk me..

    Why is it that Rick always seems fine with attacking anyone who is supporting HRC as being stupid,foolish,etc He seems to think we are just clueless or brainwashed if we disagree with his viewpoint.

    You can disagree,etc

    But I’m a fairly intelligent human being and I’ve made my choice on who I will support for what I consider to be very sound reasons.

    It’s just a bit rude to dismiss that opinion because I just don’t “Feel The Bern” is just rude.

    I’m still a fan, I’ll still listen to the show but perhaps a discussion within your team about his issue might be helpful.