Show #386

It was only David and Jody in the Bunker this week.

It was a meandering show…we know you are shocked.

Trump and 2nd Amendment remedies.  Trump and the debate schedule.  Trump, Trump, Trump.

Satanic after school clubs coming to a Washington Elementary School near you!

And much more…well, some more.

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week!




2 Responses to Show #386

  1. If you choose David Socket for the win when he said Tom Cruise was the all-time box office champ, David was wrong.

    Gary Cooper was the best loved and most popular American actor. He made 100 movies from 1923 to 1961 (released after he died in 1960). He earned 5 Oscar nominations, 2 Oscar wins and his movies were in the top 100 box office hits if you adjust the numbers for inflation.

    Forty Gary Cooper movies crossed the magical $100 million domestic gross mark. An average Gary Cooper movie grosses $140.10 million in adjusted box office gross.

    Twenty-six Gary Cooper movies received at least one Oscar nomination in any category. Eleven Gary Cooper movies won at least one Oscar in any category.

    Tom Cruise has made 23 movies which earned $100 million.
    Gary Cooper made 40 movies that have earned more than $100 million. His adjusted gross box office total was 9.94 BILLION. Tom Cruise’s adjusted box office total is 5.68 billion.

    Cooper was rumored to have had sex with every leading lady in his films – Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Lupe Velez, Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, Countess Dorothy di Frasso, Ingrid Bergman, Patricia Neal, Lorraine Chanel, Gisele Pascal, and even Grace Kelly.


  2. That type of memory is called ‘autobiographical memory’. If I remember correctly from SMShow, there have only been a handful of people identified with it, in the world.