Show #398

All 3 boys joined Jody in the Bunker.

Comey got a letter from Weiner’s victim.

Nic posited about right wing pundits and media allowing feelings to matter more than facts on the right and how we, on the left, should empathize with those on the right.

Cop killer in Iowa caught.  He also had a confederate flag at a football game trying to shame those who kneel during the National Anthem.

Bundy family found not guilty.

Fart causes fire in operating room in Japan.

And much more!

ONE MORE WEEK to find out if the US fails the Idiocracy test.


2 Responses to Show #398

  1. Avatar Dave McCaig
    Dave McCaig says:

    Yes I know you all claim nobodies listening ,but I am, from here in Canada, via podcast of course and without a doubt, you’re the smartest, ‘funest’ podcast on the web. I listen to most of them, Thom, Stephanie and the rest, but my number one podcast ‘treat’ each and every week is from the bunker with Jody and company.

  2. Avatar Ford A. Thaxton
    Ford A. Thaxton says:

    I have one question I’d like everyone put to Nic:

    How should we talk to these Trump/GOP voters to get them to listen?
    In my Experience when they won’t listen to ANYTHING that runs counter to their thinking?
    Facts Don’t Matter to them, Reason can ‘t get through the bubble they live in?
    What’s Left beyond just AGREEING WITH THEM?

    I’ll be honest Nic’s arrogance sometimes is just as annoying to listen to as BILLY FROM TEXAS is

    (Jodie will need to explain this and if not, as the gang from Ms. Miller’s radio to explain).

    He offers NOTHING in the way of a reasonable suggestion to get through to these folks?