2 Responses to Show #411

  1. I disagree and am insulted with Nic’s characterization of religious people. Not all religious people are “ideological/right-wing people” who are trying to force non-believers to believe in God. There are plenty of people who are religious and non-religious who are doing a lot of good things for their communities. If Nick doesn’t believe in God, that’s fine. But he’s portraying religious people as sitting in judgement of everyone else… Yet as a person who doesn’t believe in God, that’s exactly what he does to who do believe in God. Sometimes, it becomes a bit much to listen to.

    Sorry, but it’s how I feel.

  2. lol took milo less than 5 minutes to lie about the catholic faith in general and the new pope specifically. I’m looking at an article in milo’s paper of record the guardian in which the headline reads “Pope suggests contraception can be condoned in Zika crisis” The faith in general still maintains its dedication to life and the belief that sex is to be confined to a married man/woman couple, but under this new Pope the church is yet again evolving to recognize facts of life as they are presented and adjusting the teachings. Since the faith is an autocracy not a democracy it tends to speak in terms of absolutes. The fact that Milo’s peonic mind is unable to grasp these concepts without uninformed judgement, is not surprising in the least. I do still find irony in the fact that he continues to launch in to insult of this faith when he so often defends the Church of England a faith based on the sex drive of a horny inbred sexual predator. Again Jodi I renew my constant point that milo is a waste of both space and air and the podcast would be so greatly improved by his absence.
    Regard Mike O’Brien aka Mike Hunt