Show #377


Chez Pazienza joined Nic, David and Jody in the Bunker.  Please check out his show:

Was fun listening to Chez and Nic “discuss” the primary results from Tuesday night.

And then we talked about something fun, rape!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at  you later.


3 Responses to Show #377

  1. Ok enough (Rick I think it is) with the delusional Bernie Sanders should go to the convention stuff.

    It was fine when he had a chance, now it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE. The pledged and superdelegate stuff is no longer relevant.

    The best thing he can do is support Hilary and help get the house and senate back into balance. As discussed in the podcast, the democrats finally have a chance to repair the down ballot damage that the republicans have caused.

    imagine, if Trump was facing an unopposed Hilary, whilst this Mexican judge business was happening. It would have been even more damaging, instead, a lot of the week focused on Hilary vs Bernie.

    Also before please stop referring to Goth Whitlam. He came into power, made sweeping changes, then was booted from the job ( the American equivalent of being impeached) because he lost the support of parliament (hence couldn’t pass laws) and popular support. Rick and his ilk would say its was a grand conspiracy by conservatives, except Goth ran in the next 2 elections and was defeated by huge margins, hence, his “Australia lost a great man” rhetoric is pretty much disproven. If he was so great and the people so hard-done by, he would have been voted back in.

    He seems to use Australia and the UK as a crutch when “proving” his points, and plays on the other hosts lack of knowledge about the laws and history of the jurisdiction.

    He seems to play on the other host’s lack of knowledge on the UK and Australia and defaults to using them as a crutch to prove points despite usually being wrong.

    I live here, I have studied the matter and I’m also a refugee advocate/lawyer. I wouldn’t trust a word he says about Australia or the UK, he always seems to be very very wrong.

    I like listening to the podcast, especially during big political weeks like this one, however, I usually find that instead of talking about the topics, the show gets hijacked on some nonsensical rant on religion or some other delusional point, like Bernie having a chance at the democratic convention.

    Need to tighten things up.

    (This reads harsh, but please take that as constructive criticism, I subscribe to over 30 podcasts and have never bothered writing into one, but FTB has been consistently like this for a while now).

  2. Apparently, I meant to say, Nick, points still stand.

  3. Avatar Brian MacEvilly
    Brian MacEvilly says:

    I have to salute Nic for his reasoned, conscientious stance on the CA primary ‘results’ (so-called), and his continued support for Sander’s ~ and the People’s ~ right to see this election contest played to the end. There have been repeated issues of accountability during the whole voting process, and California may just be the most questionable vote of all. Nic deserves major credit for keeping his composure in an atmosphere of such complacency and presumption ~ sorry, guys ~ which to me echoed precisely the DNC’s own desperation to ‘get this over’ as fast as possible, before anything else can rock the Clinton boat. Voices like Nic’s are vital to the survival of the American democratic process ~ a process which I happen to think is now on the endangered species list!