Show #432

Nic and Rick joined Jody in the Bunker. David was with his daughter this week. We MAY not have a new show next week, Jody’s fault. She is SO fired, again. It will be only the 2nd time that she wasn’t available since 2009, so her record is still the best! 😉 The boys are considering doing a FB live show on the 19th, will let you know. If they don’t, Jody will put up a repeat show, but probably not this one.

Anyway, Nic did half of the show on his back, he was uncharacteristically quiet.

Jody was still very sleepy from the two days of work she did this week.

Rick, on the other hand, was awesome.

DJ Two Scoops is in trouble along with Kushner and Manafort.
The Antarctic just lost a huge part of an ice shelf…doesn’t bode well for the future of said ice shelf.
Rep. Brad Sherman (D, Sherman Oaks) has written up Articles of Impeachment.

And discussions between Rick and Jody that bored Nic.

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.
Talk at you, maybe next week, and certainly the week after.


5 Responses to Show #432

  1. Avatar Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper says:

    Another movie with a twisted religious theme. Jena Malone stars as a teenage born again fundamentalist. Mandy Moore plays a dominant teenager. Macaulay Culkin plays Moore’s disabled brother. Eva Amurri plays the part of a rebel. She is gorgeous. He father is Italian director Franco Amurri and her mother is Susan Sarandon.
    I can’t tell you any more about the movie without giving away the surprises. I laughed my ass off.

  2. The name of this movie is Saved!

  3. Avatar Mary Ligus
    Mary Ligus says:


  4. Avatar Mary Ligus
    Mary Ligus says:

    Paul Ryan, looks like, Eddie Munster.

  5. Ted Cruz reminds me of Grandpa from the Munsters.