Show #436

Rick and Nic joined Jody in the Bunker. David was out this week. We went a little long today.

We talked about Charlottesville, 45’s reaction and more. RIP Heather Heyer. Jody spoke about Robert E. Lee denouncing the use of the Confederate Flag, but in now way does that give Lee a pass for why he fought on the wrong side. Just wanted to make that clear.

Here are links to Christopher Cantwell’s various statements. We urge you to watch the Vice video in its entirety before Cantwell’s whiny little diaper baby Youtube video. Yes, that’s what he is.

‘I’m terrified’: Neo-Nazi blubbers like a baby in video reporting he’s wanted for arrest in Charlottesville


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  1. Hi Jody and all

    On August 8th 1925 marched down Pennsylvania Ave. 30,000 white supremacists in KKK robes marched in the nation’s capital

    or 1n 1939 In late February 1939, roughly 22,000 people gathered at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for a rally, which included a 50-member drum and bugle corps and a color guard of more than 60 flags.

    The event, which had been proposed the year before and—after much hand-wringing and debate—had been given the green light by NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, drew scores of protesters and at least one thousand police officers which promised to turn the Garden into an “a fortress impregnable to anti-Nazis

    The American Bund, which festooned MSG’s interior with both American flags, swastika-bearing banners, and a thirty-plus foot high painting of George Washington. Also included were signs that read “Wake Up American. Smash Jewish Communism” and “Stop Jewish Domination of Christian Americans.”

    The American Bund Party had youth camps and family retreats.