Show # 446

Rick and David couldn’t make it into the Bunker today. So, just Jody and Nic!
It’s like our Halloween episode! EEEK!

Condolences to those who lost people in NYC’s attack on Halloween.

So, Mueller Monday was awesome! And it will only gets better.

Kevin Spacey. We talked about him at the end.

Plus much more Religious talk!!!! WOO HOO???!!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.
Talk at you next week.


2 Responses to Show # 446

  1. 40 minute show in the same week that Trump aids are indicted, a terrorist attack in NYC, Republican tax reform, trump getting rid of green cards, Kevin spacey assaulting a 14 year old boy and coming out as gay. Basically a jam packed week of news.

    Yet 20 minutes of Nic ranting about Christianity again and Jody humouring him instead of cutting it off and getting back on topic. Jody you are right, he can’t lump all Christian’s together. Say that and cut him off. We have heard this conversation over 100 times now.

  2. So I was listening to the lovely Jody Hamilton on the Stephanie Miller show today, when Rick made a cameo appearance, which reminded me that it has been some time since I subjected myself to this program. I decided to check back in to listen, despite the fact that Stephanie had properly reminded me of the “insufferable English guy” (troll) who inhabited the program. Undeterred I forged forward tonight to listen. Then reading the program description I saw it was only the lovely Jody and the Nattering Inconsequential Comment guy, ugh. Then, the lone comment was to complained about the droning on that the Nattering Inconsequential Comment guy is widely known for, double ugh. Still I thought that maybe the intellect that Jody brings to a conversation might outshine the darkness that the Nattering Inconsequential Comment guy’s pall of stupidity would cast over this conversation. I was wrong, of course. I even felt bad, that I could place such unrealistic expectations upon the many talents that Ms. Hamilton has against that Black-Hole grave where simple social graces like civility, truthfulness and intelligence go to die.
    While debating the Nattering Inconsequential Comment guy, a person has as much chance of landing one’s point as one might when playing darts in the fog, I will point out that he still lacks any real knowledge or understanding of the seminal moment in history know a WWII, beyond his net surfing intellect or course. His comment on Nazi belt buckles was a parroting of a common myth found on many American Neo-Nazi Websites, which puts forth the belief (Lie) that the Nazi SS belt buckle has the phrase “In God We Trust”. This of course is not true. The most common phrase on Nazi belt buckles was “Gott Mit Uns” (God with Us) worn by the Wehrmacht soldiers, the Waffen SS Nazis worn a belt buckle with the phrase Meine Ehre heißt Treue (My Honor is called Loyalty)
    This of course, is a small meaningless point to be making, but it does beg the greater question as to why he would be stating “facts” (Lies) commonly found on many Neo-Nazi Websites? Is this the well spring from which the Nattering Inconsequential Comment guy drawn his intellect from or is it more likely as I suspect the old adage of “birds of a feather flock together” the socially abhorrent and intellectually bankrupt tend to think alike, regardless of their personal political leanings.
    At the beginning of the show there was some chat about having a formatting meeting. This is a brilliant idea, much overdue and a suggestion I have often made in this comment section. Any effect rebranding often begins with a renaming of the show or product. The name “From the Bunker with Jody Hamilton, Rick Beatty and David Schockett” has a charm to it and would be a profoundly big step in the right direction and might help me to get beyond minute 44 of the hour long podcast.

    Warmest regards,

    Mike OB (AKA Mike Hunt)