No Show today

Hi All,
Due to the fires that envelope where the Bunker is located. We’ve decided it is better for us all to stay off the roads and let the Firefighters do their jobs. Hoping the fires get put out soon.
We will talk at you next week!

2 Responses to No Show today

  1. Please stay safe! We need you guys.

  2. Avatar Jann Begley
    Jann Begley says:

    From outside of Buffalo, NY: Hope everyone & everything in/around the fires is ok. Everyone here would gladly donate the snow on the rds, driveways, parking lots and even in our yards (I’ve got 13+ acres) to help fight the fires. Hmm, Fed gov. give tax credit to companies & people that donate snow to fight the fires… think it’ll work?? Lol I know, probably not. Just heard 3 more women came forward w allegations against Trump. Now totals over 12. NY Sen. Cristian Gillabrand ( along w several others) are openly calling for Trump’s resignation or they’ll impeach him ( out of the fervor of the Me Too movement).