Now Jody is diseased

Jody flew over the weekend and someone or more than one person was diseased on one or both of the planes and gave her a disease. It’s just like the one that went around the Bunker 2 weeks ago that Jody was able to avoid. SO, no show this week. Talk at you next week.

2 Responses to Now Jody is diseased

  1. Avatar Jan Begley
    Jan Begley says:

    lol I read the title wrong; I read it too fast and….well,..(sigh) i thought it said “Jody is Deceased” and I thought “Wha??? Noooo!!!” and then i read the paragraph. Hmm, Thanks for jump-starting my heart like that. Yup, dont need any coffee now. tehe tehe 😆Seriously, I’m sorry to hear that your not feeling well ~ maybe you could get Rick (aka: talk him into) making you some chicken soup. Lonny’s got enough running to the store for Kleenex and cough medicine & Tab. Take Care 🙂

  2. Avatar Elizabeth Eddings
    Elizabeth Eddings says:

    Jody, please get better…