Show #453

Nic and David joined Jody in the Bunker.

We discussed all sorts of stuff.

Happy New Year!

There were things that Jody wanted to talk about but it didn’t happen.

And, Jody has no problems with Soap Operas…but Nic and David apparently think that term is derogatory. Jody doesn’t think so….

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode.
Talk at you next week.


2 Responses to Show #453

  1. Jody is rightt. Game of Thrones is a soap opera. Remove the fantasy elements like dragons, zombies magic and you would have a soap opera. While classical opears today are considered to be “high brow” the opeas were the soap operas of their time. The polots are very simple.

    Soap characters who returned from the dead more than once
    Philip Chancellor III: Delia Abbott John Abbott:
    Lucky Spencer Storm Logan: Cesar Faison
    Sheila Carter Macy Alexander John Black
    Victor Newman Bo Brady Dr. Alan Quartermaine:
    Stefano DiMera Will Horton The Salem Stalker

    Take La Boheme:
    In an attic apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris, a group of young artists are living together in poverty. Their neighbour, the little seamstress Mimì, introduces herself, seeking a light for her candle, when Rodolfo is left alone. They fall in love.
    At the Café Momus Rodolfo presents Mimì to his friends, while the singer Musetta abandons her elderly rich lover Alcindoro in order to join Marcello. Alcindoro is left to settle the bill for all of them.
    Time has passed. Mimì has been living with Rodolfo, but they quarrel, because of his apparent jealousy. He has planned to leave her, as we learn in a scene set on a cold winter morning by the city gates.
    Musetta, a contrast in character to the gentle Mimì, later returns to the attic apartment of the four young men, bringing with her the dying Mimì, whom they now try to comfort, but in vain, as she dies before their eyes of the consumption that has racked her.[1]

    Shakespeare is a soap opera. The plays in the were understood by the average person. The language was common. The audience stood up and could recall the play’s dialogue days later.


  2. Nic is going further and further to the right. He’s obviously a plant.