4 Responses to Show #475

  1. Hearing Jody swear and verbally slap Nic on his crap was so delightful.

  2. Avatar David McCaig
    David McCaig says:

    475 was absolutely one of your best shows and I listen to ALL of them. Jody needs sqeal, stomp her feet and call Trump a fucker more often and get her point across in a rage if she has too. Cool hand Nic was a great contrast to Jody’s angst boiling over. PLEASE, PLEASE give us more if the same format.

  3. Great show Jody! F-words galore. Loved it! You expressed the exact same level of anger and frustration that I am feeling. Thanks.

  4. I had to stop listening when Nic said that Putin supports both anti- and pro-LGBT causes. This is the most reckless and ridiculous thing he has ever said. As a member of this community, I was so appalled that I stopped listening right there.