Show #476

Nic, David, Audrey and Nic’s nephew, Ari, joined Jody in the Bunker today!

There was mirth and merriment and arguing, but no F bombs this week. Jody was on her best behavior, sorry.

SCOTUS had some sh*tty rulings and then Kennedy decided to retire, now. A**hole. Oh, was that out loud?

Yay to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her victory in NY, and to her Dem opponent for his awesome concession and full throated endorsement. That is how Dems unite and take back the House and Senate!

And much more! Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you in 2 weeks. Taking the 4th off!


3 Responses to Show #476

  1. Ricky,
    Of course I miss hearing you on the podcast, but was so sad to hear about your mom. Things have got to be so rough for you right now.

    Actually though, I really think it was you and the gang saying “If you need help, get help. There’s no shame in it” that inspired me to go to therapy for the first time in 42 years. You have given me a gift I can never repay. Life was pretty dark, and it isn’t so much anymore.

    And of course, J – D – N, I love you guys too.

  2. Nick.

    Stop asking who the “leader” of the democrats is. I live in Australia and you are perpetually misrepresenting how things work here.

    You are comparing parliamentary systems with a presidential system.

    It’s pointless and actually exposes a lack of fundamental understanding of the US system (which I personally think has now been exposed to be very flawed).

    If the US was parliamentary Paul Ryan and Nancy P would be prime minister and opposition leader. Parliamentary systems reward unity as the party with the majority is the governing party, and people going rogue, means you don’t have enough votes to govern. The party can also turf the leader at anytime without an election.

    In the US the President is the default leader and the opposition is typically rabble with a handful of candidates perpetually seeking to be the next president rather than working as a cohesive unit.

    Would you expect Booker to just say “Bernie is the new leader, if you have a question please direct it to him?” Should Elizabeth Warren simply concede to someone, when she has her own political ambitions in a system that rewards individualism by awarding them the presidency (being the head of an entire executive and co-equal to the whole congress, which can write law but doesn’t administer or police it)?

    In Australia we don’t vote for the leader’s as indeviduals (although they are the popular face of the parties) the party elects them. We vote for a local member from a particular party and the party that has more governs. There is no greater authority above that (other than a redundant/powerless queen).

    The show needs a fact checker from the UK or Australia, then maybe this country will stop being used as a perpetual crutch when Nick is backed into a corner. It seems quite clear that he knows you have no rebuttal having not lived here. It’s incredibly annoying to listen to (and I actually do like the show. I like debate and discussion. However I hate when conversations a hijacked, just to keep beating the same dead horse) . Perhaps you need to start saying “this is America so that’s what we’re talking about today.”

    Question for the show – out of curiosity how many years and at what ages did Nick live in Aus and the UK? I lived in Nigeria, but that was between the ages of 0 and 4. That doesn’t make me an authority on Nigeria. Having studied actually completed law and politics degrees, the stuff that’s said about Aus/UK seems quite very superficial at best.

  3. Nic needs to understand that the leader of the Democratic party is Tom Perez. He is the head of the DNC. If the media would give him the same amount of air time that they give morons in the Republican party, the party’s platform would be universally understood.

    Jody needs to go back to dropping F bombs left and right. Maybe she can invite her mom on the program and let her drop some F bombs of her own.

    Audrey needs to project and get up close and personal with the microphone! I can’t hear her!