Show #481

David joined Jody in the Bunker.

Trump, Trump Jr. and admitting to crimes.

Trump likes to watch his rallies, not to learn anything from them, but to relish in them. Norma Desmond anyone??

Karl Rove v Trump.

Joe Arapaio would give Trump a BJ, apparently.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!


3 Responses to Show #481

  1. Avatar Paul Michael Bailey
    Paul Michael Bailey says:

    And still no signal from the probe known as Nic, since last it was deep spaced unexpectedly into the far reaches of the universe. No word, no explanation. Strange. Are there stranger things afoot? Will we forever be on the dark side of this info? Does Nobody care? Can’t we elect Nobody for our president? Only our show host knows and she remains in a self-ensconced cone of silence.

    Is there not a truth-seeking gumshoe that could embark on this story and uncover the mysteries for us all? Where is Greg Palace when we really need him?

    Vote for Nobody!

    Nobody will do something about this.
    Nobody will fix income inequality.
    Nobody has your back.
    Nobody has definitive environmental cures.
    Nobody is in the streets in protest.
    Nobody wants universal single-payer healthcare.
    Nobody knows where Nic is, and Nobody will bring him back!

  2. Avatar Paul Michael Bailey
    Paul Michael Bailey says:

    The stupid “shameless populous equivalent to Donald Trump on the left” is BERNIE SANDERS or ALAN GRAYSON?? WTF?

    As a avid listener to this podcast from your first year, you have finally crossed the line, and have gone way too far.

    Not that you should care, but… I’m finished. I’m erasing my bookmark, removing FTB from my podcatcher, and sending all FTB emails to my spam folder. This podcast is a total waste of my time. It has evolved from an entertaining and informative weekly hour to a clueless babbling liberal echo chamber. This email marks my permanent departure.

    Jody, your blatant prejudices to alternate opinions have become intolerable and do not reflect the intelligence needed to correct the tortured course this country has taken.

    I am also putting the week of Steph’s vacation on hold from my regular podcast listening schedule.

    I try to listen to the many various views of the full left spectrum and have rarely crossed any podcast off my list, especially one that I have listened to for this long, but FTB has been a slowly growing irritant that has finally become infected. Time to jump ship.

    No need for a response, it won’t reach me.