One Response to Show #482

  1. Avatar Rosey Jurkas
    Rosey Jurkas says:

    Happy Thursday, Miss Jodie and crew!!
    Hope all is well! (FYI – I do like to use exclamation marks)

    I have noticed that Nic has been absent from the last several episodes. My hope is that he is only traveling and hasn’t simply just stopped appearing on your podcast. The podcast is good, however, for myself, Nic seems to add a new perspective when it comes to our politics that I find refreshing and he gives the perspective of someone that travels over the world. His humor is amazing!!! When he is serious on a topic he seems to have his facts and comparisons down pat! I do so he returns!!!

    You are all fantastic and I so look forward to your show weekly! David is doing better in letting others give their points with out walking all over whatever someone is saying by constantly talking over them. Still some room for improvement. Beyond that, he is a plus to the team and I enjoy his expertise on various topics.

    Keep fighting the good fight!!!


    Rosey Jurkas (fan)