Show #483

David and Jody were in the Bunker today.

8 guilty verdicts in the Manafort trial, 10 counts end in mistrial. Jody read a quote from NBC news stating that the time Manafort could get was up to 9 years, the reporting should have read that was per count, it did not. So, sorry for the misstatement.

8 guilty pleas from Michael “Says Who” Cohen.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this weeks installment.

Talk at you in two weeks. Jody is sitting in for Stephanie Miller all next week: call in, 323-468-1135.


3 Responses to Show #483

  1. Avatar Johanna Fredrics
    Johanna Fredrics says:

    Looking forward to Jodi pinch hitting all next week 👍
    Love this podcast!!

  2. what have you done with Nic? I miss his articulate interjections