Show #485

David & Sean were in the Bunker with Jody.

We remembered 9/11 today along with the rest of the country.

But, Trump got off the plane to PA today with raised fists in a weird display, after tweeting about the FBI and fake news as his first tweet of the day.

Omarosa released more tapes of Trump. And he laughed about what happened in Niger.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week.


4 Responses to Show #485

  1. Avatar David McCaig
    David McCaig says:

    Where’s Nic he hasn’t been on the show since June. Has there been a breakup of old friends? Will we be hearing anytime soon?

  2. Avatar David McCaig
    David McCaig says:

    To my previous comment of ‘ where’s Nic’ , I want to add that the David and Jody show is quite entertaining. I know at times its been a thankless task and you all must say to yourself why am I doing this. I can tell you, because there’s people out here that look forward to FTB. Keep up the good work, its people like yous at times like this that help us all keep our sanity. Jody thank you , thank you so much for caring. Big Hug from a Canadian listener.

  3. Avatar David McCaig
    David McCaig says:

    Jody you’re amazingly candid , that’s one of the many things we all like about you. As we all age, long term friends are hard to replace, some of us don’t have another 20 years to develop another long term friendship. Hopefully one of you will take the first step is repairing that friendship and we can have Nic back on the show. In the mean time I’m a big fan of yours, I look forward to seeing you each week on Stephanie’s Show and of course I look forward to being enlightened on your show. David and you are doing a great job, Nic’s the spice. Thanks again Jody , your Canadian friend.
    PS I’ve watched you as a replacement for Stephanie and you do such a stand up job, I’ve wondered why you haven’t your own show. Cheers