Show #486

David and Jody were in the Bunker.

It was only last Friday that we learned Paul Manafort is cooperating with Mueller, and yet it seems like it was forever ago.

Kavanaugh may not be confirmed by the Senate due to the fact that it appears he tried to rape someone in high school. But, as far as his supporters are concerned, it’s either ridiculous to go back that far in his past, and or he didn’t do it, or she’s “mixed up”.

Stormy Daniels had some descriptors about 45’s penis.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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One Response to Show #486

  1. Avatar Rosey Jurkas
    Rosey Jurkas says:

    Hi, Miss Jodie! So, love the show!! Do miss Nic and Rick. I could see how Nic was getting frustrated with issues regarding Trump. It is hard to not fall down any rabbit hole when discussing Trump. I do hope he will return as much of what he would discuss was very interesting and most time an added insight and perspective of what is going on and why…

    So, I have been really annoyed with all the right wing bs regarding Miss Ford’s accusation of sexual assault by Mr. Kavanagh. The responses from many of the men on Capital Hill just make my skin crawl. I am curious as to number of those that have NOT themselves committed sexual assault in their lives (past or present). How glorious it must be for them to be able to sit in judgement of a woman that claims to have been sexually assaulted and to never themselves have assaulted in anyway. Who do these men think that they are to seem to know the character of Ms. Ford or any other woman for that matter!!! I am angry!!!!

    I may be sharing too much, however, I have been sexually assaulted, molested by my stepdad from the age of 7yrs old, have been sexually harassed by male employers and stalked by someone I had never formally met. I had learned at a very young age that “you can tell anyone about what had happened and no one will believe you.” That was taught to me by my step dad. In my mid 30’s had it not been for a young officer that took the time to look up my stalker’s name and find that he was habitual in stalking practices, I do not know how far the matter would have gone because the detective was convinced that I knew him and I “had to have done or said something for this person to feel he could have a relationship” with me. (I would not have been able to have ID’d him in a line up.)

    I do understand what the GOP are trying to accomplish with this character assignation of Ms. Ford. The thing that really pisses me off is that one – not even the Republican women senators have stepped up beyond the politics but as women to stand behind Ms. Ford!!! Shame on them!!! Sexual assault is not politics – it isn’t okay for any human to sexually assault any other human being. Knuckle dragging men that behave like apes or any man or woman in a position of power and control do not have the god given right to take sex from any woman that doesn’t consent!!! I truly do not care what they were taught or feel they the have the right; they truly do not!!!

    I feel that ALL the Senators and Representatives SHOULD have there closets inspected to see what might pop out of them!!! It would be interesting to see which of their glass houses would shatter if investigated thoroughly!! My heart hurts for what Ms. Ford has had to experience by stepping forward and speaking out!

    Sorry about the bad grammar and punctuation- just to angry to care about those.

    Love the show !!!