Show #552

David, Sean and Jody were in the Bunker. Our last show of 2019!

Trump and Impeachment was discussed.

Giuliani’s crazy interview, read it when you get a chance.

Pelosi and McConnell.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this longer podcast than usual for the end of the year.

Happy New Year!

Talk at you next week.


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  1. Avatar Tosh Keune
    Tosh Keune says:

    Additionally delaying or refusing to execute the payment of Congressionally obligated funds was one of the main Articles of Impeachment planned for a vote against Richard Nixon according to one of my Graduate School Professors who had been a hill staffer during Watergate. I got my Masters starting in 1984 when those folks were actively employed.

    Also, BTW Sec. Clinton’s email server is COMPLETELY WITHIN her delegated responsibility for the protection of sensitive information according to the EO that governs the handling of sensitive information. Given the fact that State Department networks and servers were being penetrated with impunity by foreign entities before, during and after her time as Secretary of State thus having a special email system where senior personnel could exchange sensitive if unclassified information was a reasonable exercise of the latitude extended to executive department heads by the governing Executive Order.

    This is exactly parallel to the Network structure in the DOD and IC where Secret and TS/SCi networks are separate from normal business networks. BTW: US Navy Combatant ships have this type of segregated network setup for Combat Systems Control.

    Her one arguable error could be not involving State Department IT personnel in setting up that system but given their performance protecting State Department IT assets using a private contractor makes perfect sense.

    My comments on the rules for handling classified data come from research I did while writing the Security Classification Guide for SEWIP Block 4. Check the rest of what I’ve said with Chief Nantz.

    Yes, the rules are different for the President and Cabinet Members. One chose to hide potentially damaging information at her own expense the other revealed secrets to our adversaries.

    This is part of the reason I will NEVER vote for anyone who might support what was the TEA Party. In 2011 during their temper tantrum over monies already obligated by Congress they were willing to shut down US Intelligence Community work for, 6-8 weeks. I was there too.

    Tosh Keune