Show #565

David and Jody were in the Bunker.

Wisconsin is voting in its primary today making people get out to vote thanks to the SCOTUS ruling making mail in ballots to have April 7th’s post mark to be counted, even though many people haven’t received their ballots yet.

New Zealand is doing things right, wish the US was taking a lead from them.

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week!


One Response to Show #565

  1. Hi y’all,

    Stacy here from my living room just listening to my favorite two people in the bunks! Always a pleasure to hear you both although today i rolled my eyes quite. A. Bit. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 all good though. I have a lot of respect for both of you and your opinions but I just have a few questions?
    We all know that Biden is a Sick man and I mean sick as in ill, early signs of Dementia and its crystal clear. Anybody can see it . Everybody sees it.1. Is it fair to use this man and put him on the spotlight in front of the whole world to see knowing that he isn’t capable and in his right mind to even win a debate without a teleprompter let alone run our country? 2. Is anybody going to address that? I know that the plan is for joe to win then declare him incompetent and have his VP become the P which most likely will be a woman because thats the only way they will have a female P and listen I’m all in for a female P but I want to see her in that position having her work for it and work and WIN from the bottom up not just handed to her like this. 3. Is peoples hate for Trump that big that they are willing to vote for Joe, a man who has health issues and being pushed past his abilities. This whole situation is SAD and EMBARRASSING. Im not saying that Trump is perfect. Name me a president that was, and yes, he says stupid shit that makes people want to punch him but trump is just plain stupid. Joe is ill. I cant believe no one has stepped in to help him because he does need it.
    Anyways, not trying to pick a fight just was wondering what you folks thought . Love you guys, listen at you guys in 2 weeks cuz you know i cant stand you know who next week. Ugh,🤢🤮 stay safe and healthy✌️