• Show #328

    The ACA was ruled constitutional and Marriage Equality is the law of the land!

    And well, Bernmentum is going!!!  Go Bernie!!

    Too bad environmental and death penalty cases ruled poorly, well, in our opinion.

    Bristol Palin is pregnant, out of wedlock, again.  We wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby, but still….should she be whining about people pointing out her hypocrisy?

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    Plus much more!

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  • Show #327

    Obama said the “N” word on Marc Maron’s show and the media didn’t hear it properly.

    Jody and Nic got into it about Apple versus Taylor Swift.

    Lancer Shull, resident of SC, was in the Bunker tonight.   He rules.

    Then we tried to discuss issues and well, have you heard our show??

    Attempting a different output, sonically,  to the show, hoping it works.  If not, blame Jody.  She’s always to blame.  The boys shouldn’t give her the toys to work on, yet, without her skills, nothing would ever get online.  It’s a weird relationship.

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  • Show #326

    Legs is in the Bunker along with Rick’s lovely friend, Stacy Sims.  Check out her website: www.truebodyproject.org.

    So, The Donald is running for President of the US.

    Rachel Dolezal, who did well with the NAACP chapter in Spokane was apparently lying about her racial background.  Does it or doesn’t it matter?

    A “Mens Rights” Organization defends the murder of a woman by a man due to why he shot her.

    And Lindsay oh, Lindsay….we didn’t talk about it last week, but rotating First Ladies??? REALLY????

    And much more!

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    As Jody listened to the show on headphones on her laptop, it seemed that the audio is only on the right side, so please let us know if that is your experience or if Jody needs to fix her laptop.  🙂


  • Show #325

    We did the show a day early since Jody is heading out of town to see her Godfather for his 85th birthday.  Back at our normal time next Wednesday.  In the meantime…..

    Science and tech talk on today’s show with Nic, Rick and Jody.

    Plus, much more!

    Sorry for the lack of description, you just have to hear the show…and as always, sorry Steve.

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  • Show #324

    Erin Biglow is in the Bunker!!! And, much to all of our listeners’ happiness, so is Rick!!!  Woo and HOOO!!

    So, the GOP and their ilk may have some ‘splaining to do.  First it’s the Duggars and now Dennis Hastert!!!

    So, Jody was schooled on the feminist movie “Mad Max”…she will see it and decide for herself, but she’ll take Erin’s words to heart.

    And then there is Caitlyn Jenner.  She is gorgeous!  And FOX News can’t help being the a**holes they are.

    And much more!

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  • Show #323

    So, the Duggars have a bit of a problem with their son, Josh…and Mike Huckabee says it is fine.

    FIFA is having a bit of a problem.  Good going Attny Gen. Lynch!

    Rick Santorum has announced he is running for President, again.

    Texas is flooding and is asking the Feds to help.  Wait, what?

    And much more!!!

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  • Show #322

    Nic’s birthday is on Sunday!  So, we are recording a little earlier than usual today.

    There was a “commotion” in Waco over the weekend and well, the police acted exactly the same way as they always do when confronted with violent people….

    A GOP lawmaker says that rape can be beautiful!

    David Letterman is doing his last show.

    And much more!!

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  • Show #321

    Rick is BACK!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

    Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Amtrak derailment.

    So, Michelle Obama apparently doesn’t know how to properly talk to a black audience about racism properly, at least according to white pundits.

    President Obama calls out FOX “News” for poor shaming.

    Palin is seriously considering a run in 2016, for what?  We aren’t sure.

    Zimmerman in another gun altercation, we are as shocked as you are.

    Bush would do the same invasion of Iraq as his brother, even in hindsight…

    An anti ACA man who refused to get any insurance blames the President for a bad bill that won’t allow him to go to the front of the line to help save his eyesight.  Is he arguing for single payer?  Or just ignorant of how the private insurance industry works?

    A worker was fired for disabling an app that could track her after work.

    And much more!

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  • Show #320

    Rick was under the weather, so he couldn’t make it into the Bunker this week, we hope to have him back next week.  Sorry, Libby!

    So, a TX GOP Lawmaker wants women to carry non viable fetuses to term!

    57% of those claiming to be Republicans would like to dismantle the Constitution and make the US a Christian nation, that could be problematic for the GOP politicians who don’t actually practice Christianity by how they govern.

    Satanists to the rescue!  They are filing a suit claiming that waiting periods for abortion services violates their religious rights.

    Apparently, the President is going to take Texas back.  From where?  We don’t know, since Texas is still a part of the US, but hey, don’t let that stop the crazies on the right.

    Also, in Texas, a high school that teaches abstinence only for its sex ed course, if you can call it that, has an out break of chlamydia.  Approximately 10% of the students have it.  Whoopsie!

    Ben Carson and Carly (Demon Sheep) Fiorina have announced that they are running for President.  One of Fiorina’s arguments for her being a good choice for President is her tech background.  Yet, amazingly, she didn’t get the domain: carlyfiorina.org.  Not too tech savvy, eh?

    And much more!!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.  Welcome new subscribers!! Happy you are joining us.

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  • Show #319

    Jody and Nic were without Rick this week in the Bunker.  He should return next week.  He is missed in the Bunker.

    Baltimore protests and riots.  The police and media reaction.

    SCOTUS hears arguments about marriage equality in all 50 states

    Obama at the Correspondents Dinner.

    And the NFL has decided to no longer be tax exempt.

    Dildos and ashes.  Nic and Yelp.

    Plus much more!!!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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