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  • Show #472

    Nic is back! He joined David and Jody in The Bunker.

    Roseanne f*d it up for her and her entire cast and crew.

    SCOTUS screwed the women of Arkansas.

    Gowdy agrees with the FBI and the Trump Campaign.

    Porn, apparently, is the cause of school shootings.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  • Show #468

    Nic and David along with Nic’s friend, Frank, joined Jody in the Bunker.

    Michelle Wolf rocked the White House Correspondent’s Dinner…she said FACTS not FAT!

    The guys arrested at Starbucks get a $1 settlement from the city, and they are awesome.

    Incels…should they be pilloried or understood and helped.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  • Show #380

    David and Nic joined Jody in the Bunker.

    Jody made a correction about the 17th Amendment, thank you to Manny for pointing out her egregious mistake.  Always happy to correct and learn something.

    SCOTUS made some great decisions this week.

    Britain voted to leave the EU and already wants a do-over.

    Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton campaigned together in Ohio, and it was great.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

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  • Show #370

    Nic did not make it into the Bunker this week.

    Rick made it in with Legs, David and Jody!

    So, the NY Primary results went to Clinton and Trump.

    There were problems in NY and the Arizona Sec. of State admits to Election Fraud in the primaries.  Check your voter registration here:  https://www.headcount.org/verify-voter-registration/

    Charges will be brought in the Flint water crisis.

    Old news, but new to us…Cruz and sex toys.

    Plus much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  • Show #358

    David Shockett is back for a third week.  We got some nice e mail and tweets about Nic.  And Jody is fired again.  She had her mic on a wrong track, so you will only hear her in the background through Nic’s mic.    YEP!  Doug Steckler will take over again for her, you old time listeners remember him. 😉   Or can she coax Chris Lavoie back from Palm Springs to save her butt?  Nah…hopefully, next week, she won’t screw up.  Don’t hold your breath.

    The video makers of the Planned Parenthood video were indicted and Planned Parenthood cleared!

    SCOTUS ruled in favor of good medicine in a  North Dakota abortion ban case.

    The Flint water crisis may NOT have been about saving money after all.

    Trump won’t go to the next FOX debate.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  • Show #352

    Legs is under the weather, so it’s just Nic and Jody in the Bunker today and Rick SKYPED in.  We are trying to lure Legs back in to being a regular.   Muahahahahahha!

    Well, the jury in the Freddie Gray case was deadlocked, so the trial ended in a mistrial.

    The GOP had a “debate” and fear and apparently classified disclosures were included.

    LAUSD closed all of its schools on Tuesday due to a bomb threat.  Cautious or stupid?

    A town in North Carolina doesn’t want a solar farm since it would “absorb all the sun”.

    A white supremacist blows off his leg building a bomb, but don’t worry, he’s not a terrorist.

    A woman in Tennessee attempted to abort her fetus at home, was rushed to the hospital after bleeding and subsequently charged with attempted murder. … In 2015.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week!


  • Show #335

    The show, as you can surmise, is a day and a few hours early this week, since Jody is heading out of town…not sitting in for the lovely Stephanie Miller either on Friday, since Jody is an idiot, can’t read her calendar apparently, and is the WORST Eve Harrington ever, her diabolical plan isn’t so diabolical..or is it? …but we digress.  Rick overslept….so he Skyped in.  Nic and Jody held down the Bunker.

    So, Governor Brown (D, CA) signed a new law banning secret Grand Juries regarding officer involved shootings.

    A Florida couple used the Bible to justify sexual assault.

    Jeb! signed the “Scarlett Letter” law while Governor of Florida and he wants to be President, along with Gov. Huckabee and Sen. Rubio and their stances on abortion.  Seriously, why would anyone vote for these men?

    And much more!


  • Show #320

    Rick was under the weather, so he couldn’t make it into the Bunker this week, we hope to have him back next week.  Sorry, Libby!

    So, a TX GOP Lawmaker wants women to carry non viable fetuses to term!

    57% of those claiming to be Republicans would like to dismantle the Constitution and make the US a Christian nation, that could be problematic for the GOP politicians who don’t actually practice Christianity by how they govern.

    Satanists to the rescue!  They are filing a suit claiming that waiting periods for abortion services violates their religious rights.

    Apparently, the President is going to take Texas back.  From where?  We don’t know, since Texas is still a part of the US, but hey, don’t let that stop the crazies on the right.

    Also, in Texas, a high school that teaches abstinence only for its sex ed course, if you can call it that, has an out break of chlamydia.  Approximately 10% of the students have it.  Whoopsie!

    Ben Carson and Carly (Demon Sheep) Fiorina have announced that they are running for President.  One of Fiorina’s arguments for her being a good choice for President is her tech background.  Yet, amazingly, she didn’t get the domain: carlyfiorina.org.  Not too tech savvy, eh?

    And much more!!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.  Welcome new subscribers!! Happy you are joining us.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #316

    Jeb Bush claimed he was Hispanic on his voter registration in 2009.  It is a 3rd class felony in Florida, will he be prosecuted?

    Chuck Schumer is looking to help derail the President’s Iran deal…Really, Chuck???

    Rand Paul has decided to run for President and doesn’t like being questioned about any of his past policy ideas or anything.

    A police officer has been charged with the murder of an unarmed man whom he shot 8 times in the back.

    An Indiana woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for a miscarriage.

    And Much More!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!!!


  • Show #303

    Happy New Year everyone. Rick is still out of town, Nic is out of town, he Skyped in part way through the show, and Legs is in the Bunker with Jody today!

    Condolences to those in France after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

    On its first day back, Congress introduces legislation to ban abortions nationally.  Good going GOP!

    And since we are on the subject of family values, a woman is suing her former employer because she was fired during her maternity leave.

    Governor Brownback’s Kansas and what he’s done to it with his tax cuts may … “may” be scaring some in the GOP off of tax cuts…hmmmm..

    Conservatives are finally honest about the Indiana”religious liberty” bill.

    And well, would we have a show without talking about the guy with 2 penises???

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment!
    Talk at you next week!!!