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  • Show #414

    The whole gang was in the Bunker this week! Jody said some bad words in honor of Chez, and we didn’t bleep it either!

    Talk and education on immigration.

    A racist couple was sentenced in Georgia for terrorist threats, and assault at an 8 year old’s party.

    45 accuses Obama of WH leaks and organizing all the protests against 45.

    Anti-Protest bill killed in Arizona.

    And finally, condolences to Chez Pazienza’s family and friends.  If you can help, please go to the Daily Banter and subscribe: http://thedailybanter.com/  If you e mail Ben Cohen ben@thedailybanter.com that you would like your subscription to go to Chez’s family for expenses, he will add that to the money already raised this week.

    Also, if you want to listen to the Bob and Chez show, you can get it here: http://www.bobcesca.com/ .