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  • Show #430

    Since Jody is out of town, we don’t have a new show this week. So, we are reposting show #430. We will be back next week.

    Everyone was in the Bunker today.
    So, the Senate’s version of the “health care” act was unveiled and shelved.
    Tucker Carlson, yes you read that right, got on Paul Ryan about the tax cuts in the bill.

    SCOTUS is going to hear the Gerrymandering case from Wisconsin.

    A Playboy reporter calls out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and “fake news”.

    We talked about Prisons and religion….

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #395

    Rick, David, and Mr. Nic joined Jody in the Bunker.  Hopefully, she bleeped out all of the bad words.  HOPEFULLY!  And Sorry Steve.

    Trump had a bad weekend and debate.  Billy Bush has been fired.

    Joe Arpaio is gonna face federal charges.

    McCain and Trump are feuding.

    Ryan and Trump are feuding.

    Pat Robertson proves himself to be a total a**hole, yet again.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week!


  • Show #350

    RICK IS BACK!!!!!!  WOOO AND HOOOOOOO!!!!!  Legs did a lot of swearing, so hopefully Jody got all of it bleeped.

    As we record today’s show another mass shooting has occurred in San Bernardino, CA.

    So far this year, there have been at least 352 mass shooting incidents. There have been 336 days.  Let that sink in.

    That’s according to the Mass Shooting Tracker. The project tracks incidents in which four or more people are shot — but not necessarily killed — in a spree or setting.

    And last Friday at a Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado Springs a gunman killed 3 people and injured 9 more, prompting another man to try to kill at least one of the survivors over the weekend.

    Carly Fiorina blames the liberals for the PP shooting….hmmmm.

    Alabama Police have been found to have framed thousands of black residents over the years.

    Trump mocks a reporter and then demands that CNN pay him $5 Million to be on the next debate Dec. 15.   Seriously??

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

    Jody will be sitting in ALL 3 hours for Stephanie Miller on Friday morning.  Wish her luck.  She’s gonna need it!