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  • Show #348

    Nic SKYPED in from Poland.  Legs joined Jody in The Bunker.  Nic ranted at the end of the show so, Jody slowly turned his SKYPE microphone down.  He should be back in the Bunker next week.  Rick, come back soon!  We miss you!!!

    Thoughts and support to those all over the world being terrorized.

    Many GOP Governors want to refuse Syrian refugees in their states.  Reminiscent of a WWII poll about European refugees from 1938.

    Anonymous shut down over 5000 websites associated with ISIS.

    Ted Cruz thinks no Christians have ever committed terrorism.





  • Show #304

    Legs is in the Bunker along with Nic.  Rick is still in Ohio, but he joined us in the Bunker on SKYPE!!! WOO and HOOO!!!  And, well, Nic used his outside voice in his curse words…Jody was too tired to bleep them…so..there you have it.

    Charlie Hebdo released and sold out 3 million copies.

    Should the WH have sent the President to the march in France??

    Cops actually being charged for the killing of a homeless man:
    And also in Albuquerque:  police shoot other police officers in a drug bust.

    Jody just didn’t bleep anything today…sheesh!

    Plus much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!