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  • Show #345

    Car and customer service talk with From The Bunker.

    The GOP is having their 3rd debate tonight.  We may talk about it next week…in the meantime, Ben Carson was very stabby when he was a kid and 13 other things you may not know.

    A girl was accosted by a school cop for not leaving a classroom.  Who’s fault was it that she was thrown around the room, hers?  Or his?  According to some, it was all her fault.

    Remember the company that raised it’s minimum salary to $70K?  Well, apparently, it is doing very well.

    The Hungarian camerawoman who tripped the Syrian refugee is suing FB and the guy she tripped.  NOT kidding.

    And much more!  Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #335

    The show, as you can surmise, is a day and a few hours early this week, since Jody is heading out of town…not sitting in for the lovely Stephanie Miller either on Friday, since Jody is an idiot, can’t read her calendar apparently, and is the WORST Eve Harrington ever, her diabolical plan isn’t so diabolical..or is it? …but we digress.  Rick overslept….so he Skyped in.  Nic and Jody held down the Bunker.

    So, Governor Brown (D, CA) signed a new law banning secret Grand Juries regarding officer involved shootings.

    A Florida couple used the Bible to justify sexual assault.

    Jeb! signed the “Scarlett Letter” law while Governor of Florida and he wants to be President, along with Gov. Huckabee and Sen. Rubio and their stances on abortion.  Seriously, why would anyone vote for these men?

    And much more!


  • Show #334

    Thoughts and prayers to President Carter and his family.  It was announced that he has cancer that has spread and is undergoing treatment.

    So, the GOP had 2 “debates” last week.  And Mr. Trump went up in the polls.

    Texas has stopped all funding to Planned Parenthood, so look out for cancer and HIV rates to go up in the Lone Star state.

    Sen. Sanders draws record crowds and some protests and barely any notice from the mainstream media.  Oh, and he’s ahead in the polls in NH over Sec. Clinton…will the press pay attention to that?

    We went on a movie and TV tangent the last half of the show.  Sorry Steve.  We’ll get back to normal, well for us, next week.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #333

    Halfway point to the devil’s mark.   Muahahahahaha!  So, Nic and Rick both Skyped in.  Perhaps Jody needs breath mints or to shower closer to show time?

    The GOP debate line-up was picked and somehow Kasich got in.  Now, his numbers shouldn’t have allowed him in, but he is the Governor of Ohio, where the debate is being held…so Fox probably thought it would look bad NOT to have him on the big boy stage.

    Someone is shooting at Jade Helm soldiers in Mississippi.

    Texas’ AG has been charged with 3 felony counts of Securities fraud and Rand Paul’s head of his PAC has been indicted as well.

    Nic started a discussion about the US separating and becoming 50 different countries.

    And a TV discussion.  Sorry, Steve.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment and that the Skyping works.

    Talk at you next week.  Perhaps with everyone in the Bunker!!!


  • Show #332

    Rick SKYPED in.
    It was a jingle happy show.  Nic showed off his jingle writing/singing capabilities.  Enjoy!

    We talked about health care, Trump, Linda Tripp, Sanders, the GOP Clown Bus, Planned Parenthood, one university cop getting charged with murder and one not getting charged with assault,  and finally Cecil and the Dentist.  And we discussed recording conversations.  Found a link to the laws: http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/recording-phone-calls-and-conversations  .  In CA and many other states, all parties must consent.

    And with more theme songs than you can imagine!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #315

    Looks like an agreement, at least a broad one, is at hand with Iran, the US, Russia, China, England, France and Germany.  Obviously this is bad at least according to the right wing.

    Indiana legislators claim to have a fix to their discrimination law.  We’ll see. In the meantime a Pizza place declares it won’t serve pizza at a gay wedding…honestly, what wedding gay OR straight would have pizza???  And due to Indiana shutting down its rural Planned Parenthood Clinics, they now are experiencing an HIV outbreak.

    And the new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, has some explaining to do.  Comedy Central is backing him up, but shouldn’t they have maybe vetted him a little better?

    Plus…Jody got Lasik!  She can see things as she hasn’t in years.  Weird.

    Nic went on a religious rant…we know you are shocked.

    And much more!

    Hope you like this week’s show.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #314

    Ms. Perfect herself, Rebbecca Perfect is joining Rick, Nic and Jody in the Bunker along with Legs!!!  Jody hopes that the mic set up for Legs doesn’t break down like it did for Vince Don Vito a while back.  We’ll see…

    So, Mike Pence (R), Governor of Indiana has signed a bill that will allow discrimination of anyone based on a business owner’s religious beliefs.

    Ted Cruz, Senator from Canada…er….Texas has thrown his hat in the ring for President.  Oh, and he lost his health care through his wife (she has taken a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs) and will now get health care using the exchanges.  The exchanges he shut the government down for and wants to abolish.  Yeah, those.

    A man was released after 30 years on death row and the prosecutor comes out apologizing.

    And much more!!!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #310

    Erin Biglow is in the Bunker!!! Woo HOOO!!

    And, once again, Jody screwed up.  Pretty much the only reason she has not been actually fired is she knows how to run the gear, poorly, mind you…but still.

    Well, the FCC did something good…

    The Oscars oh the Oscars.

    Bill O’Reilly has had a bad week.

    And an Idaho Congressman wonders if women swallowed tiny cameras could they get their gyno exam that way?

    And much more.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #308

    RIP Bob Simon.

    Rick is out sick, but calls in via SKYPE!!  Rob of Rob and Trish fame is in the Bunker along with Nic and Jody.

    Brian Willimas gets a six month unpaid suspension for a 12 year old story.

    Jon Stewart is leaving the daily show.

    The GOP is trying to change House rules on subpoenas.

    Alabama is allowed to perform same sex weddings but a judge there thinks the state can ignore the feds.

    There was scrotum talk.

    And much more!!

    Hope you like this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #304

    Legs is in the Bunker along with Nic.  Rick is still in Ohio, but he joined us in the Bunker on SKYPE!!! WOO and HOOO!!!  And, well, Nic used his outside voice in his curse words…Jody was too tired to bleep them…so..there you have it.

    Charlie Hebdo released and sold out 3 million copies.

    Should the WH have sent the President to the march in France??

    Cops actually being charged for the killing of a homeless man:
    And also in Albuquerque:  police shoot other police officers in a drug bust.

    Jody just didn’t bleep anything today…sheesh!

    Plus much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!