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  • Show #428

    Rick, Nic and Jody were in the Bunker today.  David is visiting his daughter.

    There were 3 mass shootings today including in Virginia at a GOP baseball practice.  So far all but one of the victims are ok.  One is still in critical condition, hoping that person will make a full recovery.  The shooter was killed.

    Sessions “testified” to the Senate…not much was said.

    39 states were compromised by the Russians, more than we originally thought.

    Got onto a discussion of race…

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.



  • Show #380

    David and Nic joined Jody in the Bunker.

    Jody made a correction about the 17th Amendment, thank you to Manny for pointing out her egregious mistake.  Always happy to correct and learn something.

    SCOTUS made some great decisions this week.

    Britain voted to leave the EU and already wants a do-over.

    Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton campaigned together in Ohio, and it was great.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #364

    7th anniversary.  Legs was here.  There is a drinking game.

    Julie, we have a pic.  It’s on Twitter.

    Good for Sen. Sanders.

    RIP Sir George Martin and Nancy Reagan.

    We talked about Nancy Reagan and her and Pres. Reagan regarding Rock Hudson.

    And we talked about Saudi Arabia and CPAC.

    Bless us all.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #355

    Legs had to stay home with his under the weather heir to the throne.  Rick SKYPED in briefly and Nic and Jody held down the Bunker.

    So, there are some folks who took over Federal land in Oregon that need snacks and refuse to leave.

    President Obama signed some executive orders reinforcing existing gun laws and asking for research into smart gun technology, so therefore the right wing went crazy.

    Speaker Ryan passed a bill repealing the ACA and it will be vetoed, so good going there.  Waste of time, effort and tax payer dollars there.

    And much more!

    We’ll have a guest in the Bunker next week.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!!!


  • Show #350

    RICK IS BACK!!!!!!  WOOO AND HOOOOOOO!!!!!  Legs did a lot of swearing, so hopefully Jody got all of it bleeped.

    As we record today’s show another mass shooting has occurred in San Bernardino, CA.

    So far this year, there have been at least 352 mass shooting incidents. There have been 336 days.  Let that sink in.

    That’s according to the Mass Shooting Tracker. The project tracks incidents in which four or more people are shot — but not necessarily killed — in a spree or setting.

    And last Friday at a Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado Springs a gunman killed 3 people and injured 9 more, prompting another man to try to kill at least one of the survivors over the weekend.

    Carly Fiorina blames the liberals for the PP shooting….hmmmm.

    Alabama Police have been found to have framed thousands of black residents over the years.

    Trump mocks a reporter and then demands that CNN pay him $5 Million to be on the next debate Dec. 15.   Seriously??

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

    Jody will be sitting in ALL 3 hours for Stephanie Miller on Friday morning.  Wish her luck.  She’s gonna need it!


  • Show #329

    Rick was Skyping in today…Jody and Nic were getting along.  Uh, oh!

    Cosby’s lawyers were unable to keep quiet a deposition in a 2005 lawsuit where he admits to drugging women, and people are STILL (looking at you Whoppi) siding with him.

    Sarah Palin’s channel is going bye bye.

    iPhone case in the shape of a gun, we see no problems with that.

    SC Senate voted to take down the flag 37 – 3, who are the 3 that wanted to keep it up and why?

    Paula Dean does it again.

    And Much More!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #284

    Legs and Erin Biglow joined us in the Bunker!!  Nic is on vacation at Burning Man.  Jody wants to know what vacation means…..

    So, it was revealed this week that Michael Brown’s family and friends set up a memorial right after he died in the spot where he died with flowers and candles.  The police allowed one of their dogs to urinate on it and subsequently ran over the entire memorial.  And why is anyone wondering there is a problem between the police and the citizens of Ferguson?

    We briefly touched on the police shooting of John Crawford in a Wal-Mart in Cincinnati a few weeks ago.  Now a video, seen by his family, reportedly shows that he wasn’t waving the BB GUN around, but was shot before even being told to drop the “weapon”.

    And there was a producer held, arrested and booked because he “fit the description” in Beverly Hills last Friday.

    We have to be 16 to drive, 18 to vote and 21 to drink, but apparently 9 years old is old enough to shoot a fully automated uzi.

    Oh, and the Emmys and the VMAs!!!  And “Boyhood”….

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!!!