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  • Show #346

    Nic has been on a fast since Saturday…he had wine.

    The GOP made demands on the media and then some back tracked.

    The Irish have decriminalized heroin, cocaine and pot.  Woo and hoo.

    There are good cops out there, some even dance…

    and well….the show went on tangents.

    We know you are SHOCKED!

    Also, Jody will be on the Stephanie Miller Show on Thursday Nov. 5th from the last half of the 2nd hour to the end without Ms. Miller!!!! Tune in!!!!!

    Rick may be back next week!! 🙂

    Talk at you later.

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment.


  • Show #337

    Nic Skyped in from India and Rick from home.  Then, poor Rick, wasn’t feeling well, so half the show is just Jody and Nic.  Hopefully, Rick feels better soon and can be in the Bunker next week.


    The Kentucky clerk Kim Davis still refuses to grant marriage licenses and has been jailed.  Good.

    What is going on in NYC with diabetic inmates?

    Cop in Ohio admits to pulling over driver because the driver looked at him too long.

    Sexuality in the US, Nic style.

    And much more!


    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #285

    RIP Joan Rivers.

    Nic is back!   He was at Burning Man.   Jody has been rehired after her microphone mishap last week.  She has also solved the problem, and well, it shouldn’t happen again.

    So, this past week Mitch McConnel’s campaign manager resigned due to the ongoing bribery investigation involving Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann, will this finally do him in??

    Some ex-Senators are lobbying on behalf of Russian banks to help stop sanctions against Russia…..

    Gov. Ultrasound was convicted of 11 counts of corruption.

    Ted Wafer sentenced to 15-30 years in prison for the second-degree murder of Renisha McBride.  Finally, some justice.