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  • Show #502

    Legs, David and Jody were in the Bunker.

    Barr is undergoing the 1st day of Senate hearings and feels that it would be ok to jail folks in the press.

    Rand Paul is getting surgery in Canada! So, does that mean he is FOR socialized medicine now?

    FBI has been using its counterintelligence agents to investigate Trump.

    PGE is seeking bankruptcy protection for the fire in Paradise, CA.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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  • Show #280

    So, normal Bunker this week.

    Sarah Palin has her own network!

    John Boehner claims the White House started the impeachment talk, then has the House vote to sue the President for delaying aspects of the ACA, remember the ACA that the House has voted to repeal over 50 times!

    The NFL is only suspending Ray Rice for 2 games after it was shown on tape that he dragged his unconscious fiance by her hair out of an elevator.  2 days? And another player gets a 16 game suspension for allegedly smoking pot!  Seriously?

    Good news for the workers of McDonalds.  The parent company has been ruled responsible for what the franchise owners do.


    And much more!  Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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