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  • Show #358

    David Shockett is back for a third week.  We got some nice e mail and tweets about Nic.  And Jody is fired again.  She had her mic on a wrong track, so you will only hear her in the background through Nic’s mic.    YEP!  Doug Steckler will take over again for her, you old time listeners remember him. 😉   Or can she coax Chris Lavoie back from Palm Springs to save her butt?  Nah…hopefully, next week, she won’t screw up.  Don’t hold your breath.

    The video makers of the Planned Parenthood video were indicted and Planned Parenthood cleared!

    SCOTUS ruled in favor of good medicine in a  North Dakota abortion ban case.

    The Flint water crisis may NOT have been about saving money after all.

    Trump won’t go to the next FOX debate.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #334

    Thoughts and prayers to President Carter and his family.  It was announced that he has cancer that has spread and is undergoing treatment.

    So, the GOP had 2 “debates” last week.  And Mr. Trump went up in the polls.

    Texas has stopped all funding to Planned Parenthood, so look out for cancer and HIV rates to go up in the Lone Star state.

    Sen. Sanders draws record crowds and some protests and barely any notice from the mainstream media.  Oh, and he’s ahead in the polls in NH over Sec. Clinton…will the press pay attention to that?

    We went on a movie and TV tangent the last half of the show.  Sorry Steve.  We’ll get back to normal, well for us, next week.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.