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  • Show #321

    Rick is BACK!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

    Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Amtrak derailment.

    So, Michelle Obama apparently doesn’t know how to properly talk to a black audience about racism properly, at least according to white pundits.

    President Obama calls out FOX “News” for poor shaming.

    Palin is seriously considering a run in 2016, for what?  We aren’t sure.

    Zimmerman in another gun altercation, we are as shocked as you are.

    Bush would do the same invasion of Iraq as his brother, even in hindsight…

    An anti ACA man who refused to get any insurance blames the President for a bad bill that won’t allow him to go to the front of the line to help save his eyesight.  Is he arguing for single payer?  Or just ignorant of how the private insurance industry works?

    A worker was fired for disabling an app that could track her after work.

    And much more!

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  • Show #311

    Netanayhu spoke to Congress this week and caused quite a stir.  Jody misquoted him originally from his UN speech and not from his speech to Congress.  She did read the proper quote later, apologies to our listeners.

    The DOJ released its report on the Ferguson police department showing systemic racism in its policing.

    The ACA had its hearing in the SCOTUS.

    And much more!
    Hope you like this week’s installment.

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