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  • Show #419

    Everyone was in the Bunker this week.  Jody was able to get out of bed for the first time in 3 days.  Sore throat healed.  She thanks Stephanie Miller listeners and our listeners for their lovely tweets,Facebook posts, and e mails.

    Nic explained the Scotland-England rift.

    The O’Reilly Factor is losing advertisers like crazy.   But, 45 defends Bill O.

    Will McConnell use the nuclear option to appoint Gorsuch.

    Trump has, with an Executive Order, overturned worker protections.  Setting women back in time, in particular.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!




  • Show #397

    The Nasty Woman had her three male co-horts join her in the Bunker.

    Cremation talk.  For some reason.

    And elevator talk.

    Cigarette talk.


    Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump

    Poor  Ivanka

    Will the Senate confirm the SCOTUS pick during the lame duck, as we’ve been predicting?

    RIP Tom Hayden.

    Wisconsin clerk refuses to put early polling at a college campus, since that would encourage students to vote, and they tend to vote democratic.

    Kamala Harris v Wells Fargo

    GOP candidates threaten to sue tv stations for airing ads linking them to Trump.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #380

    David and Nic joined Jody in the Bunker.

    Jody made a correction about the 17th Amendment, thank you to Manny for pointing out her egregious mistake.  Always happy to correct and learn something.

    SCOTUS made some great decisions this week.

    Britain voted to leave the EU and already wants a do-over.

    Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton campaigned together in Ohio, and it was great.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #379

    David and Nic joined Jody in the Bunker on David’s birthday!!!

    House Dems and Senators began a sit-in to get a vote on gun legislation.

    SCOTUS made two rulings this past week, one is good the other is horrid.

    RIP Anton Yelchin.

    And much more!

    Talk at you later!!!



  • Show #367

    Rick stayed away from The Bunker…probably wise.  David is in Florida.  So, it was Nic, Legs and Jody in the Bunker today.

    RIP Patty Duke and James Nobel.

    Susan Sarandon…well…

    Conservatives buy an Onion story and Snopes tears them down.

    North Carolina sucks.  There, we wrote it.

    Trump’s campaign manager is charged with misdemeanor assault and Trump may sue the woman who was assaulted.  Naturally.

    SCOTUS had a 4-4 ruling which helped unions.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #365

    So, as per usual, there were some software issues.  Jody used new software to record, it’s not perfect, but it should be better next week.  Please, be kind.  She’s just learning how to use it.  At least it recorded on the first try!

    Nic ranted, Gerry.   Hoping that it is a good enough one for you! 🙂

    Hillary Clinton won all the primary states on Tuesday.

    Trump and his supporters are douches.

    The President picked a SCOTUS nominee and we’ll see what the GOP does.

    David Schockett was in the Bunker again.  Jody really needs to add him to the intro.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #361

    There were some mic issues with Nic’s mic today, seemed to be fixed.  Rick didn’t make it in, but David Shockett did!

    Justice Scalia died suddenly on Saturday.  And the GOP is already saying they won’t even have hearings for his replacement while President Obama is in office.

    The GOP had a debate on Saturday as well, and well….Trump was right on some stuff and got booed.

    Jody got a “hate” letter from a Stephanie Miller listener.  This person feels that Jody should vote for Hillary Clinton because Sec. Clinton is a woman.  No other reason.  Well, Jody will vote for Sec. Clinton, should she be the nominee, but Jody is for Bernie (and has been for a while-older listeners to this show know that) in the primary and will vote Blue in the general no matter who!  Scalia’s death should solidify the importance of a Democrat in the White House and a Senate and House to support that person.

    Legal rape guy cancelled the “rallies” due to not being able to guarantee the participants’ safety.  Awwwww.

    And much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.



  • Show #358

    David Shockett is back for a third week.  We got some nice e mail and tweets about Nic.  And Jody is fired again.  She had her mic on a wrong track, so you will only hear her in the background through Nic’s mic.    YEP!  Doug Steckler will take over again for her, you old time listeners remember him. 😉   Or can she coax Chris Lavoie back from Palm Springs to save her butt?  Nah…hopefully, next week, she won’t screw up.  Don’t hold your breath.

    The video makers of the Planned Parenthood video were indicted and Planned Parenthood cleared!

    SCOTUS ruled in favor of good medicine in a  North Dakota abortion ban case.

    The Flint water crisis may NOT have been about saving money after all.

    Trump won’t go to the next FOX debate.

    And much more!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you next week.


  • Show #351

    Rick couldn’t make it in and Jody’s Skype wasn’t working so no Rick this week, but  Nic, Legs and Jody were all in the Bunker!  And Jody didn’t kill Stephanie Miller’s show last week, whew!

    So, Trump….Is he finally done?  Dunno.

    Exxon Mobil finally publicly agrees that we are in a dire state regarding climate change.  They’ve known this since the 1970s, but kept it under wraps until now.

    SCOTUS did some things and heard some cases this week.

    The Gun Network is coming to a cable system near you.

    And no, Tamir Rice wasn’t brandishing any sort of gun.

    Plus much more!

    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!!!


  • Show #346

    Nic has been on a fast since Saturday…he had wine.

    The GOP made demands on the media and then some back tracked.

    The Irish have decriminalized heroin, cocaine and pot.  Woo and hoo.

    There are good cops out there, some even dance…

    and well….the show went on tangents.

    We know you are SHOCKED!

    Also, Jody will be on the Stephanie Miller Show on Thursday Nov. 5th from the last half of the 2nd hour to the end without Ms. Miller!!!! Tune in!!!!!

    Rick may be back next week!! 🙂

    Talk at you later.

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment.