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  • Show #345

    Car and customer service talk with From The Bunker.

    The GOP is having their 3rd debate tonight.  We may talk about it next week…in the meantime, Ben Carson was very stabby when he was a kid and 13 other things you may not know.

    A girl was accosted by a school cop for not leaving a classroom.  Who’s fault was it that she was thrown around the room, hers?  Or his?  According to some, it was all her fault.

    Remember the company that raised it’s minimum salary to $70K?  Well, apparently, it is doing very well.

    The Hungarian camerawoman who tripped the Syrian refugee is suing FB and the guy she tripped.  NOT kidding.

    And much more!  Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later!


  • Show #329

    Rick was Skyping in today…Jody and Nic were getting along.  Uh, oh!

    Cosby’s lawyers were unable to keep quiet a deposition in a 2005 lawsuit where he admits to drugging women, and people are STILL (looking at you Whoppi) siding with him.

    Sarah Palin’s channel is going bye bye.

    iPhone case in the shape of a gun, we see no problems with that.

    SC Senate voted to take down the flag 37 – 3, who are the 3 that wanted to keep it up and why?

    Paula Dean does it again.

    And Much More!
    Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

    Talk at you later.


  • Show #327

    Obama said the “N” word on Marc Maron’s show and the media didn’t hear it properly.

    Jody and Nic got into it about Apple versus Taylor Swift.

    Lancer Shull, resident of SC, was in the Bunker tonight.   He rules.

    Then we tried to discuss issues and well, have you heard our show??

    Attempting a different output, sonically,  to the show, hoping it works.  If not, blame Jody.  She’s always to blame.  The boys shouldn’t give her the toys to work on, yet, without her skills, nothing would ever get online.  It’s a weird relationship.

    Hope you enjoy this installment.

    Talk at you later.