Show #271

RIP Maya Angelou.

And condolences to those whose friends/family were murdered in Isla Vista last weekend.  Joe The Plumber had some horrific editorial about it, along with many others.

#yesallwomen went viral after the attack….and yes, all women have to deal with misogyny, sexism, fear when walking alone….etc.

Nic is on today’s show via Skype.

So, this is the last time our website will look like it does today, Jody’s going to migrate the address to its new location on Saturday May 31.  Subscribers,  check your spam, we will be re-subscribing you to the new address.  Our e mail will remain.  Hoping iTunes doesn’t screw up, but no promises on that one yet.  Wish Jody luck, you KNOW she’ll need it!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

One Response to Show #271

  1. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Angelou speak when I was in college. My university was not far from the town in Arkansas where she lived with her grandmother for a short time. She was incredible. Of course she recited some of her poetry, but she also sang and told stories about living in Arkansas. I think every person in the room left inspired. She spoke a lot about Southern writers–to read the work of Southern writers and to BECOME Southern writers. She, and a few other great women, helped me realize I had a voice. I was so sad to learn of her passing. If not for her lecture I might not have had the courage to pursue writing at all, but after hearing her speak I minored in English! Now that I’ve injured my spine and will never be able to work as a nurse again, I’ve been able to write so much more and have even had some things published. It’s helping me earn a little money again. I have Dr. Angelou to thank for that! Thanks for paying tribute to her, she’s one of my heroes. 🙂

    Loved the show as always!
    Your loyal follower,