Show #275

Rick has been kidnapped, he is still in Ohio, so Legs has graciously agreed to co-host again this week.

Biting in soccer?  If Jody’d known that was a thing, perhaps she’d be watching it.

SCOTUS had several rulings come down: 1) regarding searching of cell phone data and 2)  The subscription service Aereo and tv broadcasts. 3) Buffer zones for abortion clinics.

Gary Oldman screwed up, had he just stopped talking…..we barely touched on this, suffice to say, he had a point about hypocrisy and then should’ve stopped talking.

And much more!

Hopefully, Jody won’t lose control of the show this week.  And a reminder to those in Los Angeles, Jody will be on the panel, and has to do a monologue!  At John Fugelsang’s Comedy Nation this Saturday June 28.  You can get tix here:


Talk at you later!!!

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