Show #277

So, we have a new time slot on NetRoots Radio.  5 pm Pacific on Fridays!  Thank you to NetRoots!

The Hobby Lobby case has opened up more lawsuits from companies claiming religious freedom…but shouldn’t this then open up the shareholders of those same companies to lawsuits, creditors, etc that they would normally be protected from with their corp status???

Also, a GHWB appointee tells the SCOTUS they should STFU regarding the Hobby Lobby case!

Wal-Mart has been found guilty of toxic dumping…

Nic discusses what is going on in Israel and Gaza at the moment and reactions he is getting online.

Plus much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

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One Response to Show #277

  1. Really good show this week. Nic, I agree with you about NPR. Drives me to the point of needing emergency dental work too. Its corporate bias has been showing for a while now.

    Hobby Lobby…grrrr…opens up a big, nasty can of worms. Not just for LGBT people but for anyone whose life or identity can be interpreted as being against their employer’s “personal beliefs”. Makes every state a “right to get fired” state. Those tattoos? Against my belief system as your employer – you’re fired. Gages in your ears? Piercings? Blue hair? Fired. You’re divorced? I believe as your employer that divorce is a sin. You’re fired. That actually happened to my mother in the 1960s. She was newly divorced and was trying to get a job as a church organist. The only congregation in town that would hire her was the tiny Christian Science church. They didn’t care that she was divorced, only that she could play their hymns. Played for them for almost 30 years. Really nice people. Anyway, this Hobby Lobby thing is another way for companies to axe you for no good reason. We won’t hear the end of this for a long, long time.

    Well done, kids! Enjoy your weekend!