Show #281

Ebola is here!! RUN!! Oh, wait, it’s difficult to get, and NO the kids on the US Mexico boarder don’t have it??

Rand Paul ran away from a Dreamer and it was hilarious!

Johnny Dam had a DAMage Report for this week too!

A new Benghazi report states the White House and State Dept. did nothing wrong…cue a NEW committee in September to really find out what is going on.

Lancer Shull was in the Bunker!

Mo Brooks (R, Alabama) has stated that the Dems are waging a war on white people.

Hope you enjoy this week’s show.

Talk at you later!





One Response to Show #281

  1. Great show…kind of all over the place. But that’s how I like it. The “war on” business gets on my nerves as well. We just can’t get along with anyone anymore. I’m just waiting for the Republicans to say that the President Obama brought Ebola here to further his socialist agenda.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. But things are calming down, so I’ll be able to stay caught up with you guys. I love Nick and Johnny Dam… keep up coming….along with wine.

    Listen to you later.