Show #286

It’s been 13 years since we were attacked by Al Qaeda.

So, we – meaning the USA – may be getting back to war in Iraq and starting bombing in Syria.  ISIL/ISIS is the reason.

The NFL has indefinitely banned Ray Rice and the Ravens have dropped him over a “new” video finally.  And according to reports they had this “new” video in April…..and many are blaming Janay, his now wife.  WTF??  Rick and Jody had a very spirited discussion about this topic, lots of swearing, Jody had to do a lot of post production to get the “bleeps” in.  They are still friends.

The GOP voted down an amendment to the Constitution that would overturn Citizens United.  All in the Senate GOP voted no.  So, 54 in favor and 42 not means it doesn’t pass.  Seriously, can we PLEASE change the filibuster rules???

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you later!

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  1. Avatar Jenny Graves
    Jenny Graves says:

    I’m behind listening from last week!! This is so funny that you listen to Bill Press on walks everyday!
    I do too!! Haha. I get out the door around 5:40ish and walk for about 20 minutes. I also love how Bill and the gang drink on Fridays. It’s a nice break from the politics during the rest of the week.

    I listen on some Albuquerque station on iHeart Radio on my walk, then we listen to Stephanie Miller in the kitchen on a tablet designated as our kitchen “radio”. Sucks that LA of all places doesn’t have progressive talk on an actual LA station. So glad that we still have a way to listen to Stephanie. And also grateful to you for your podcast. Keep up the great work!!

    Great catching up with you a couple of weeks ago at the Tassart house!

    — Jenny