Show #287

Somehow we talked about Edward Snowden….not kidding….

So, Lindsay Graham had quite the meltdown over ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State and how the President wants to deal with it.  We barely touched on that or the following: Speaking of meltdowns, how ’bout the Palins?? EH???

The NFL has more players being put on leave or dropped or sitting out due to their violent streaks off the field.  And CBS and Rhianna had it out…

Apparently, “No” means “Yes” according to Limbaugh…he really needs to get of the airwaves.

This show, it was, well, what you are all used to hearing…we were all over the place….

Happy Birthday, Libby!

Talk at you later.

Hey, if you have a FB account, could you like this page:  The boy is producing her, and Jody sings most of the backing vocals!!  If you can give her some love, that would be most awesome.   She is a lovely person, if that helps to get you to like her page at all.  🙂

One Response to Show #287

  1. Nice to know I can count on your guys’ votes should I ever choose to run for mayor! 😀

    And Libby didn’t say a thing about it being her birthday. Not to sound like a bad friend, but I never would’ve known if not for this show 😛