Show #291

Having issues with Blubrry.  Sorry about that to the iTunes folks.  Hope to have it resolved sooner than later.  In the meantime, we think the player below will work. 🙂


So, Legs was manhandled by Rick and made to stay until Nic showed up…..

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist had a debate and no one paid attention to the substance of the debate, just the fan that Charlie Christ wanted below his lectern that made Gov. Scott delay the debate for 4 mins.  Really?  THAT’S the story???

Ebola vaccine, CDC and NIH funding cut.  Would a vaccine be here had those two agencies not faced massive cuts and the sequester?  Let alone the fact that GOP obstruction is leaving the country without a Surgeon General.

Judge Richard Posner had a scathing ruling against current vote ID laws.

Hope you enjoy this week’s potty mouthed…well, not THAT bad, show.

Talk at you later!

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